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Application form: powders and granulation products

Indication group: antidiarrhoetics

Active substance: Diosmectitum 3 g

Pregnancy and lactation: The preparation can be used by pregnant women as well as breastfeeding mothers.

Minimum amount for dispatch: Smecta is natural cleansing clay with a high binding capacity, which it is able to bind with phlegm of the digestive tract mucosa and to improve its quality and increase its amount. Owing to this it protects mucosa against infections and harmful substances and enables a faster recovery. At the same time Smecta is able to bind toxic substances produced by an infective source of diarrhoea. Smecta does not change stool colour, is not X-ray contrastive, does neither accelerate, nor decelerate passage through the digestive tract. It does not absorb. It is excreted in stool.

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