Xisat Deep Sea Water - Adult
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Xisat Deep Sea Water - Adult

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Deep sea water Xisat is composed from sea water, containing many minerals, particularly elements Cu+2, Zn+2 … and peppermint oil.

When exposed to enviromental agents causing allergies, Xisat help excreted this agents to prevent allergic rhinitis condition.
When exposed to contaminated air, Xisat will clean all dirt from the nostrils and help prevent germs from entering the body.
Dry weather or air-conditioned room will cause dryness and discomfort feeling of nasal mucosa, Xisat will restore nasal moisture.
When nasal congestion is due to excessive excretion, Xisat will dilute and excreted them out of nose, and its astringent effect helps nose more clear.
Before using other drugs prescribed by physician, you should clean nostrils by Xisat to help increase effectiveness of enclosed drugs.

Xisat 70 ml
1. Open the protection cap vertically
2. Put your finger on the spray
3. Insert the spray gently into the nostril
4. Push fast the spray 2-3 times for each nostril
5. Excess solution will be drag mucus outside the nostril and blow your nose
6. Clean, dry nozzle, cover protection cap.

Xisat 70ml: 4-6 times daily.
Deep sea water Xisat does not cotain preservatives, with one-way valve spray, so it is totally safe to be used continuously for a long time.

Store in a dry place, protect from direct light

24 months from the date of manufacturing

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