Phytogyno  Feminine Cleansing Solution
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Phytogyno Feminine Cleansing Solution

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Each 100ml of solution contains Alpha-Terpined 1g; Natri lauryl sulfate 8g and excipients.


Photogyno is used in prevention and supportive treatment of obstetrical and gynecological intections.

  • Daily feminine hygiene, espe-cially in menstrual period.
  • Pre-and post-partum care.
  • In gynecology: vulval pruritus, vulvitis, leucorrhea of various origin: infectious, parasi-tic, fungal or mixed.

Method of administration:

External washing: Wet the affect-ted and surrounding vulval skin area with clean water. Apply a small amount of Phytogyno (1-2ml), gently massage about 1 minute, and rinse thoroughly, possibly repeat many times daily.

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